I spent 14 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL working the most elite individuals there are. Amongst those elite few, I saw how effective leadership and teamwork can enabled us to accomplish any mission, no matter the odds. After leaving the military, I saw how those same principles, and the lack thereof, affected organizations ability to accomplish their own missions. As a coach I am devoted to bringing that knowledge and experience to you through leadership development programs and coaching. My goal is to enable you and your team to operate at the highest level.


As a Navy SEAL, I led cross-functional teams in complex operations across the world, designed and implemented three-year training programs for foreign nation special operation forces, managed million dollar budgets, and worked with foreign military and governments to develop local real estate projects for security purposes. After leaving the military, I was partner and VP of Operations at DebtMaven Inc., a debt-financing startup as well as a consultant to companies in healthcare and the food & beverage industry. Through these experiences I hope to bring to you the knowledge and understanding necessary to lead effective teams.

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