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Leadership Development

As you grow and scale your business, you need competent leaders, managers, and teams you can rely on. You need true leaders. True leaders are not born, they are molded through training and guidance.

Our Leadership development programs are designed to speed that process up. Created for your team's needs, our program involves three phases: Assessment of your team's gap in leadership, development of a program based on your needs, and implementation of that plan. Over the course of 3-18 months, we work with everyone from senior leaders to your newest employee to create massive change within your organization. 

Coaching & Advising

Taking yourself or your team to the next level requires skill, perseverance, and patience. All things that will be challenged along the path. A coach is there to support you through that journey, through the good times and the bad. They are there as your external sounding board. They are the person you can lean on when you don't want your team, investors, or board to question your resolve. Ultimately, coaches are there to enable personalized growth and development in order to foster positive change. 

Workshops & Keynotes

For your team to succeed at the next level, they all must be committed and on the same page. Unfortunately, that doesn't always come from a hour long meeting when everyone has their own priorities. 


This is where workshop facilitation comes in. Facilitating a workshop is about bringing together those who are critical to your team's success and focusing their energy on the task at hand. It's about bringing everyone's best ideas to the table in a creative and insightful manner. To do this, we partner with leaders like yourself to ensure we not only understand, but are fully invested in your needs and objectives. By being fully invested, we can ensure our workshop provides the spark your team needs to succeed. 


When hiking in the woods, if you change direction by one degree you will only be slightly off track after a few minutes or even an hour. However, if you walk one degree off for a week, a month, or a year the distance you'll will have strayed is far greater.

If you walk from LA to Baltimore, but are off by 1 degree you will end up in Washington D.C. 

373 North was born out of the idea that most people or businesses do not need large course corrections to get where they are going. Generally speaking, they know what they are doing and where they want to be. Most are just too consumed by the day-to-day operations of a business to look up and make sure they're still on the path. Most just need someone to help them et back on track, to give them the small adjustment to get back to center, or true north.

It is the small changes we make today that make they greatest difference over time. 373 North is not just a firm who provides tools necessary to make lasting change. They are your partner along your path to success. 

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